prodotti tipici cinque terre

Traditional products

To taste and to take home

When you are in the area, be sure to come visit us if you want to enjoy the specialities that we select, the goodness of the territory and much more.

 You can taste cured meats, cheeses, focaccia breads, wines and other delicacies found and approved by us coming from reliable producers. We can modestly say that we understand what is good. We just need to prove it to you!

A few of our specialties

Here you can find flavours from the 5 Terre, Liguria and surrounding areas – here are a few examples: 

  • locally produced high quality cured meats

  • Monterosso’s famous anchovies preserved in salt

  • whole wheat Vinca bread with sourdough

  • focaccia made in Monterosso by a historic baker of the area 

  • farinata (pie made with chickpea flour) and focaccia made with Recco’s traditional cheese

  • Tuscan and Sardinian local cheeses

  • all Italian wines and sparkling wines produced locally…

 You can try the wine as well as limoncino produced locally before buying. We invite you again: come and visit us, we are at Via Roma ,43, in Monterosso Al Mare (La Spezia)